Welcome to Woanderwith!

Woanderwith is essentially just another travel blog, with your classic duo of Lex-and-Bryn to showcase the best (and worst) of our adventures in India and beyond!

We want our readers to feel as close to the action as possible, and we are hoping that with Lex’s photography credentials and my wasted years at attaining a BA, we may just be able to make something worth reading.

So please, kick back on your favourite couch, sofa, stool, settee, chesterfield, seat, bed or whatever else makes you most comfortable, and enjoy our tales of distant lands, brought to life through Lex’s camera lens!

The boys behind Woanderwith:

Lex and I have been friends since the early 2000s, and have had our friendship tested through everything that tended to come with this tumultuous time of being alive, from fads such as ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’ and ‘Beyblades,’ to your more run-of-the-mill aspects like playing on the same junior football team, striking out with girls and general teenage-angst!

We have come a long way since then, and as two 22-year-old men we are confident that we are ready to take this world by storm. I mean, obviously we both still live with our mum’s, but we hope that is more a sign of our fiscal sense rather than our joint-immaturity.


Lover of photography and dressing like your quintessential hipster, Lex has struck a unique balance of likability and intrigue. Lex has developed a reputation as “the nicest guy you will ever meet” over the years, by doing things like taking a ‘gap year’ to mean ‘volunteering in Nepal for a year to help kids.’

Lex is so nice, in fact, that you will sometimes listen to him talk about the benefits of film camera over digital and give him the benefit of the doubt that he is being genuine, rather than just trying to add to his mystique (For the ladies, of course.) All up, Lex is a fun-loving and top dude, and his zest for life and adventure makes him a great travel companion.



I am about as lost a soul as you will find, I love basketball, but at 22 my dreams of being drafted by a resurgent Knicks squad is looking less and less likely.

But I have made peace with this, and while I await the money which tends to fly at BA graduates, I am going to keep myself busy with travel, and see what else the world has to offer!

**Voice of Lex**

What my ol’Pal Bryn fails to mention, perhaps due to his admirable capacity for humility, is that despite his unlikely success of becoming an NBA star (let’s be honest even being able to dunk) he somehow remains the most stubbornly and tenaciously optimistic person I know! This coupled with an easy laugh, his lighting fast wit and the determination to seize the moment, Bryn could turn rain into shine; foes into friends and maybe, just maybe, get us through travelling the world together without losing too much of our sanity!