Chapter I: India Prep

Hello and welcome to our travel blog: Woanderwith!

This announcement is long overdue, but we are beyond excited to announce that the wait (which you were blissfully unaware of) is finally over. And a voice has finally been able to emerge from the depths of our procrastination and disorganization.

We have been struggling through this quagmire of code and website jargon to bring to you (what we hope will be) a vivid depiction of our up and coming travels.

The first stop for us is India!

Here we will undertake a 3500km race through India in Tuk Tuks to raise money for our selected charities; Coolearth and KidsCan.

Our entry to this race was very impromptu, Lex heard about it from his mate, and somehow we found ourselves signed up for the ‘Rickshaw Run’ the very next day.

So basically we are finding our way as we go, and will try our best to keep you posted throughout our time in India!

Only one week out now! And everything seems to be coming together for this adventure now, we are beyond excited!

But we also have to keep our focus on trying to raise as much money as we can for our charities, so I have posted the links in here for anyone who has some spare coins floating around and feels like donating (Dunedin friends living on the poverty line, I know this is probably not you,) or even to those brave souls who might feel the urge to abstain from their morning coffee in order to make a small donation! Or even if you were just wanting to know more about what these charities are about!

Big thanks to everyone who has supported these causes so far!

And feel free to Stay tuned to find out how the other chapters will unfold!



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